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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Optimizing AAV Safety Summit 2023

If you care about optimizing the prediction of different safety signals, want to learn more about monitoring the safety of AAV gene therapies across preclinical and clinical development and actively mitigate against high-risk safety related adverse events to safeguard patient outcomes, then join us at the 2nd Annual Optimizing AAV Safety Summit.


Join Your Peers To:

Optimize your AAV Safety Knowledge by hearing key insights on:


Evaluate the current opportunities and limitations of using animal models to optimize AAV safety in preclinical trials with an interactive panel discussion with Prevail Therapeutics, Kate Therapeutics, Lactera and more to better understand how AAV vectors behave in humans


Explore the key immunogenicity concerns associated with AAV vector safety and learn strategies to mitigate against neutralizing antibodies and understand the mechanism of complement activation with Selecta Biosciences and Apsa Therapeutics


Navigate how to effectively monitor AAV safety signals across different target indications with Neurogene, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Lacerta and more to optimize the safety of individual AAV gene therapies


Debate and critically assess the oncogenic risk associated with AAV gene therapies to characterize the risk of AAV vector genome integration and leverage the latest preclinical updates to formulate long-term plans to monitor oncogenic risk with BioMarin and Indianna University


Delve into the reliability of current testing methods and biomarkers to accurately provide information on the safety profile of different AAVs with Neurogene and Voyager to improve translational success and patient outcomes

Who Will You Meet?

Join your peers working in preclinical and clinical development, toxicology, safety, pharmacokinetics and translatability at the only meeting focussed on overcoming the safety challenges specific to AAV gene therapy.

What Your Peers Have To Say:

"This was an excellent overview of many of the vexing issues that surround AAV and safety, with perspectives shared by academic experts and company representatives"

A past Optimizing AAV Safety Summit attendee, National Institute of Health Science