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Welcome to the Optimizing AAV Safety Summit: Predict & Monitor AAV Safety Signals to De-Risk Genetic Therapy Development

Hundreds of clinical trials using AAV are underway, with several hundred more in preclinical development. Given the sheer volume of studies in the pipeline, the need to administer high doses, the clinical holds placed on gene therapy trials, and regulatory bodies being increasingly stringent on the safety standards they require; it has never been more important to create and implement an AAV safety strategy that’s fit for purpose!

In this setting, the inaugural Optimizing AAV Safety Summit is bringing together key leaders focussed specifically on solving AAV safety challenges across toxicology, pharmacology, non-clinical study leads, clinical development safety specialists and bioanalysis innovators to gain insights on optimizing AAV safety processes and benefit-risk analysis to shorten timelines and prevent potential delays.

Join us in Boston alongside key biotech and pharma leaders from the likes of Spark Therapeutics, Ask Bio, Eli Lilly, Takeda, and more in the AAV space who are prioritizing the development of safe and effective genetic therapies, learn how clinical safety signals have changed how companies are approaching their pipeline progression, and gain immediately implementable insights to sharpen your programs currently in preclinical and clinical development.

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"The opportunity to discuss key safety aspects of AAV gene therapy with other experts in the field is a compelling prospect at this time in the development of AAV therapeutics."

Kathryn High

Katherine High
President – Therapeutics

2022 World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Adam Shaywitz

Chief Medical Officer


Denise Sabatino

Associate Professor of Paediatrics

The University of Pennsylvania & The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Jeffry Lawrence

VP, Medical

SSI Strategy

Ronald Crystal

Professor & Chairman, Department of Genetic Medicine

Weill Cornell Medical College

Victoria Best

Director, Analytical Sciences


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